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February 2011

Barry ‘The Fish’ Melton, guitarist and co-founder of the legendary San Francisco Bay Area duo and band, “Country Joe and the Fish”, together with renowned Parisian guitarist Stephan Missri, are pleased to announce the release of “Revolution Down the Road”, a bilingual French/English neo-psychedelic music album that also features the spectacular Danish bassist, Charles Jannic, and well-known French drummer Christophe Rossi, former editor of the French drumming magazine, Batteur.  The new album is released under their collective band name, Jamasutra.

“This was truly a trans-Atlantic effort for me,” says Barry ‘The Fish’ Melton, who flew from San Francisco to Paris and back over the course of three years to work on the project, much of which was recorded in the Chennevières commune of Val-de-Marne just outside of Paris.  Says Melton, “Much of my early work was influenced by Middle-Eastern music, which becomes immediately apparent were you to see me with Country Joe in the 1967 movie, Monterey Pop.  But the opportunity to play with a gifted guitarist like Stephan Missri, who was born in Algeria when it was still part of France, presented us with a phenomenal opportunity to meld our styles across the hands of time into a unified blend of contemporary sound.”

The new Jamasutra album also includes the strong influence of Stephan Missri’s unique lyrics and vocal style, in both French and English, which give the music an incredible fluency.  And Melton contributes to the lyrical fabric of the album with a call to arms regarding the current state of the world’s ecosystem – in English – with an adaptation of the traditional song, Shady Grove, exhorting the listener to take action to save the planet (and provides the foundation for the album’s title, “Revolution Down the Road.”)

The supporting cast of the album includes a virtual who’s who of French neo-psychedelic music, including Eric Cougrand, Jean-Michel Laugier and Alexandre Manconi, together with the kaleidoscopic and powerful post-production mixing skills of Xavier Dorémus.  And those who obtain a physical copy of the CD will be treated to the very special art of Yves Courson that graces not only the album cover, but the disc itself.

If you’ve been longing for an album that brings the essence of psychedelic music into the present-day, Jamasutra’s “Revolution Down the Road” recaptures the spirit of a magical time and brings it into the present day.

Jamasutra « Revolution Down The Road »
Album produced by Stephan Missri & Barry Melton.

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